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Posted by Jason
Neat C8
Comet Neat C/2001Q4

Dec 19 2008:
A couple of days ago I took apart the Gemini Goto controller to try and figure out what was wrong with it.  It’s been along time since I’ve done any electronic testing but I figured it couldn’t hurt to try. I knew it was getting power so I traced the power over to a fuse and it was still good.  Next it when through what I believe to be a diode to prevent problems with reversed polarity and I was still getting power after that.  Next was the switch,  power was going in but no out.  Found it!  Fortunately, i was able to disassemble this particular switch to find the contacts inside were burnt.  I cleaned them up with some sand paper and put it back together.  My Gemini computer lives again.

Dec 12 2008:
During the recent conjunction of the Moon, Venus, and Jupiter my son was given a homework assignment to go out side at night and observe it.  I opened up the observatory which was filled with spiderwebs and wasp nest after being un-used for so long.  I clean things up and tried to power up the mount but it failed to turn on.  We ended up opening the boxes to my old LXD55 AR5 and the mount and setting it up.  Still not power, so I had to aim it manually.  After about an hour I was able to get everything lined up of both planets for him to see through the telescope.

June 2 2008:
I’ve moved most of the content and have worked out most of the modifications to the site template. As you can tell some of the astronomical photos are being posted.  I have data specific to most of them that I plan to add to the posts.  In most cases the data includes comments I had at the time when I took the picture. Also I include the telescope model used and the camera used.  Finally, I document the object name, location in the sky and the exposure times needed to take the photo. 

May 21 2008:
I’m converting the website over to use the WordPress Blog software. Please excuse the mess while I perform the conversion. Most of the content will be offline for a few days while I move it over.